Freshly Prepared

For our fifth Inspace concert we wanted to show performances by groups that came together in 2009. This event then features the Rudnicki & Postle Electric Duo and new pieces by four of Edinburgh's most intriguing electronic musicians.

Owen Green, Lauren Hayes, Jules Rawlinson and Sean Williams estabilshed a collective in late 2009 to perform semi composed / improvised works for electronic systems. Their ensemble is made from pairs of microphone-driven laptops and analogue synths.

The Rudnicki & Postle Electric Duo consist of Seattle-born trumpeter Matt Postle with live electronics controlled by Polish musican Radek Rudniki. This young duo, who got together in York last year give a performance that in their words "shows interaction between trumpet and live electronics and illustrates how limited material can evolve and entertain".

Friday 29th January 2010, doors, 8pm
1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB
Tickets: Pay What You Can/ donation : reserve via