Fred Frith

Our ninth inspace concert features the inimitable imporvising guitarist Fred Frith. We are also delighted to be hosting the Edinburgh leg of Norwegian ensemble The Geordie Approach's summer tour. Fred will work with students on the MSc in Digital Composition and Performance and Sound Design over the weekend and there will be a second performance on Sunday night informally showing the fruits of their work together.

The Geordie Approach

The Geordie Approach is a collaboration between the two Norwegian musicians Petter Frost Fadnes (sax / electronics) and Ståle Birkeland (drums / percussion) who teamed up with guitarist Chris Sharkey, a Geordie born and bred. This uncompromising and experimental trio pursues music within loose improvisational structures, adding a surprisingly broad range of flavours and catalysing their creative ideas (sometimes getting lost) within a sizeable musical space.