Dan Williams

Daniel Williams is a composer working mostly in the theatre and particularly with Derevo, the Russian physical theatre company. Working with Derevo on the score for "Ketzal", a show that will be playing in this years Aurora Nova at the Edinburgh Fringe, he has developed a way of remixing soundtracks live during performances using Ableton Live software. As well as mixing soundtracks to fixed shows, he has also improvised soundtracks to dance pieces, sometimes with other musicians, as at Mad in Japan, a festival of improvised dance with Russian and Japanese Bhuto dancers.

At Dialogues he will play, "Tamano/Mad in Japan/Mortification", combining small and large samples of orchestral and electronic sounds, investigating three ideas:

  1. Is it possible to listen to more than one piece simultaneously?;
  2. can pre-recorded sounds behave like an orchestra?;
  3. everything fits with everything else.

The piece was commissioned by seventhings.co.uk, a new contemporary music podcast station, and should suit fans of Biosphere or Morton Feldman.