Alog is the brainchild of Espen Sommer Eide and Dag-Are Haugan. One dark and snow-stormy day in the winter of 1997, the band was born in a basement of a Kindergarten in Tromsoe - a city located in the far north of Norway. This day a string of happy coincidences led them to meet up for a session of tablas and guitar, of which they had no idea would evolve into a creative burst of ideas, involving all kinds of found instruments and collected sounds. The set of 4-track recordings of these dark-but-warm winter constellations eventually made it onto Alog's debut release on Rune Grammofon, entitled Red Shift Swing. In 2001 they followed up with the critically acclaimed Duck-Rabbit CD.

The next chapter in the Alog story was the release of Miniatures in january 2005. Critics unanimously applauded this album as their most accomplished and mature album to date. The title alludes to Turkish miniature paintings with their emphasis on details (as described above), and their distorted perspective and sharp radiant colours with a peculiar lack of shadows. The group felt that this in a good way described in visual terms some of the goals of the album. They tried to make the music hit your emotions straight on without any unneccesary detours or intellectual concepts involved.