Ben Vida & Jules Rawlinson

We were just offered the opportunity to help promote a concert featuring the electronic musician Ben Vida who is in Edinburgh on the 12th October (this week). He's going to share the bill with Jules Rawlinson on Friday night. The venue is the atrium at the University of Edinburgh's Reid School of Music (look right to see the map).

Though the front door to this building is probably closed, someone will let you in, if you bring along a print of your ticket. Strictly, reservations only for this event and numbers are limited to 40 so book now.

Ben Vida

Ben Vida is a composer, improviser and sound artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He produces compositions that utilise analogue and digital synthesis technologies and focus on aural perception and sound localisation. His practice utilizes a wide range of sound processes and expanded sonic events, and Ben uses this range of modalities to explore the social, historical and phenomenological functions of sound and music. He has released over twenty records on such labels as Thrill Jockey, Drag City, PAN, Amish, Bottrop-Boy, Hapna and Kranky.

Jules Rawlinson

Jules Rawlinson is a sound designer, composer and multimedia developer who performs in solo and group settings with live electronics. Jules has completed projects for the BBC, New Media Scotland, Glenmorangie, Cybersonica, Future of Sound / Future of Light, and the recently revived Radiophonic Workshop.

For more information including recordings and graphic scores visit