Eugene Chadbourne / Roger Turner, Two Wings

Bongo Club, Edinburgh
17th Sep, Friday. Door 7:00pm.
Tickets £8/6

American Free Improviser & Avant-Garde singer/guitarist Eugene Chadbourne returns to Scotland, bringing his outrageous brand of LSDC&W, Bebop and Protest Music back for the first time this century.

Eugene Chadbourne (US)

Roger Turner

The seminal figure in American free improvisation, Chadbourne plays a uniquely entertaining mixture of country & western, bebop, rock, jazz, thrash and folk protest. Widely regarded as some kind of genius, he has made over 80 albums, and worked with figures as diverse as Camper Van Beethoven, The Violent Femmes, Shockabilly, John Zorn, Jello Biafra, Mojo Nixon, Evan Johns, The Sun City Girls and Jimmy Carl Black. Appealing to a wide range of listeners, Eugene draws on an extraordinary compendium of over 8oo songs – a repertoire as unpredictable as it is vast. On This tour he is accompanied by improvisational percussionist Roger Turner.

“Chadbourne is most compelling as a live performer, switching at ease from electric guitar to banjo, zipping through a tune that sounds totally improvised and yet recalls something buried in the collective folk memory, like a punk Burl Ives, whipping off his spectacles to scrape them down the fretboard, adding another dimension to his wonderfully pixilated sound.” Robert Murray in Rock: The Rough Guide

Two Wings

Two Wings was born from the song writing collaboration of Hanna Tuulikki (nalle, the family elan) and Ben Reynolds (ex trembling bells) and has expanded into a full rock band with Kenny Wilson on bass, Doog Hayward on drums and Lucy Duncombe on more vocals…

“sixties tinged folk-rock and country waltz quintet” (The Herald)

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Presented by Dialogues Festival and GSOE