Electric Cowboy Cacophony

Electric Cowboy Cacophony - 15-11-2008

Photo - Rocio Jungenfeld

Saturday, 15th November 2008, Informatics Forum
Doors 7pm, first act on sidestage at 7:30 prompt

Main Stage

Electric Cowboy Cacophony is a new project devised by composer Michael Edwards that fuses the classical, rock, country, and free electronic traditions together in the most precarious and delightful way. This special event combines skill and daring in a bold and maverick mash of flamboyantly live, free music making.

On stage you'll experience the unlikely combination of:

Michael Edwards
(University of Edinburgh) classical composer and computer musician/saxophonist
Paul Elwood
(Brevard College, USA), composer and banjoist (country/folk/avant-garde)
Jean-Marc Montera
(GRIM Marseille, France), electric guitarist and Chitarra player (rock, free improvisation)
Karin Schistek
(independent musician, Austria/UK), classical pianist and improvisor

Side Stage curated by Lin Zhang


Helena Gough
(UK) Berlin
Blood Stereo + Ali Robertson (1/2 of Usurper)
(UK) Brighton, Edinburgh
Owen Green
(UK) Edinburgh
Diva Abrasiva
(CN/UK/US) Edinburgh