Dialogues Discuss - Schedule

Start Time 11am


11am Martin Parker introduces dialogues festival and the themes of the day's talks.


11:10am Ollie Bown introduces his 'live algorithms' developed for performing electronic music on the fly with live instruments and as part of computer duo Icarus.

12:10 - short break for coffee


12:20 Steve Argüelles explains his approach to performing live with percussion and the rigors of working with live electronics hardware and VJ Miyako, aka Frank Esposito

1:30 - 2pm Lunch break

Concert Remixing

2:15 Sound artist and Composer Hannes Raffaseder describes his work as a performer of live electronic music and his various concert and city-based real-time remixing projects.

3:30 Thomas Strønen discusses how his technology affects his sound.

4:30 closing remarks, Martin Parker

Then get a good meal, the bar opens at the Queen's Hall at 7pm and the first act is on at 8pm.