McFalls3 is Robert McFall, Brian Schiele and Su-a Lee – a string trio plucked from the heart of Mr McFall’s Chamber playing on electric instruments. Working with them on the electronics front are Murray Campbell and Alex Fiennes (Murray also plays cor anglais in one of the numbers). This makes it strictly speaking McFalls5. The music is largely composed by McFalls5


Here’s the process: “players” compose and bring short pieces of music (or occasionally “find” them). The electronics “players” then try and apply various processes to the sound – grabbing and looping phrases to achieve multi-layering; producing sustained bell-like ringing tones out of the notes which we play producing an effect similar to a very resonant resonator; manipulating the sound by panning it around the room; applying various effects to the sound itself – distortion, reverb, pitch shifting etc. In turn the pieces often evolve in response to the electronic processes applied to them.

The pieces we are playing on this occasion will be (not in this order):

  • “Brian’s Secret Shame” (working title) – Brian Schiele
  • “Piece” (working title) – Robert McFall
  • “55” (temporary title) – Robert McFall
  • “The tuning-up piece” (working title) – Brian Schiele
  • “Sanctus” – William Byrd
  • “Christmas Piece” (working title) – Brian Schiele
  • “Equinox” – Robert McFall