Blood Stereo

both hailing from Blackburn. West Lothian,,, a shitsville village in Scotlands central belt, these tubes relocated and married in Brighton, England.. Lungs full of sea air and bellys full of wine fuel much of the scab sounds of Blood Stereo... Outside of this unholy union Karen performs solo as Smack Music 7, as well as leading an ever changing all female outsider noise group The Polly Shang Kuan Band. Dylan also records solo (under the imaginative umbrella of Dylan Nyoukis), previously he performed in Decaer Pinga (the artists formerly known as Prick decay) with his sister Dora Doll.

"Anal fins tucked in tight behind them, Blood Stereo look like a pair of ill-kempt roosters, fighting over a dougnut. The guy rooster is jibbering in some unknown tongue, turning his face inside out, while shoving the microphone slowly through a hole in his cheek. the girl rooster appears to be pecking at him, either that or she's picking at various trash they have strewn around the stage. Every time she ducks her head there is the sound of a jet passing overhead. But when you look up at the sky there is no sign of a comtrail. After a while you think you are starting to get a handle on what they are doing, but the guy falls down and starts doing a spazz dance so utterly convincing you begin to worry about him. Then the girls starts screaming and itseems as though something is really profoundly wrong. And it is. But it's not like they're in any kind of trouble. They're just wrong, y'know? So savagely wrong from every angle that it's really tough to imagine there 's anything you could do to really help them. As if they'd even want in. In their masks or out, they sow confussion like wheat." - Byron Coley

quoted from myspace

Ali Robertson

the Bloods will be augmented on this occasion by local remedial player Ali Robertson (Usurper/ Giant Tank/ etc.) shaking his disabled instruments and busted found objects in protest at noise which is not free.