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Live concerts

We are currently on tour around Europe, and are doing our best to get recordings where the equipment and situations permit. Anything that we are pleased with, we will post up here. To begin with, have a little taste of Denmark...

Discotheque Bitpunching

Hot off the press, Discotheque Bitpunching was released to coincide with the first concert of the tour.


Unfortunately now sold out, the Isolationism album was released by Bolage in March 2007

However a Puma is an unpredictable beast and every concert we've done so far on the tour has been different from all the previous ones. So listening to the above files can only suggest possibilities of what might happen at Dialogues this year, there is of course only one way to find out...

The Bongo Club, 17th May 7pm
£5/£3, advance sales
Event supported by
Edinburgh University.