Michael Edwards - tenor & soprano saxophones, computer, midi wind controller

Born Cheshire, England, 1968. An early taste for heavy metal led through Beethoven to the weightier end of modern composition (with oboe playing along the way). Over-exposure to computer music whilst living in California and Paris led to temporary breadwinning as a software engineer but more importantly the skills to develop a range of computer music techniques from real-time digital instruments to self-contained algorithmic composition environments. Michael lives in Edinburgh and is active as a composer and performer playing saxophones, laptop, and MIDI wind controller.

Martin Parker - french horn, flugel horn, computer

Born Staffordshire, UK, 1975. A composer, improviser and soloist with laptop, Martin’s work focuses on encounters between computers, people and places. Based in Edinburgh, he has performed and collaborated internationally with theatre companies, symphony orchestras, visual artists and ensembles; recent projects include ‘Filament’, an interactive sound installation commissioned by the ISCM in the Tyrol and a new piece for computer and instruments called “Grab” written for Joby Burgess’ New Noise Ensemble. He is Artistic Director of Edinburgh’s Dialogues Festival and one half of concert-remixing duo “Snail”.

Karin Schistek - piano, synth

Now living in Edinburgh, Karin was born in Tirol, Austria, in 1977. Her free improvisation experience began in early childhood and ranged from solo recorder playing in a wardrobe to national radio broadcasts on piano inspired by the paintings of Werner Otte (Karin is a synaesthete, hence the colour-themed titles of various lapslap tracks). Partly hidden whilst studying the classical piano in Salzburg and Vienna, free improvisation has become the centre of her musical interest, in particular the integration of avant-garde classical inspired techniques and sonorities into foreign musical contexts.

The Bongo Club, 17th May 7pm
£5/£3, advance sales
Event supported by and Edinburgh University.